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Handy tools for EI feedback and coaching added to Practitioner Support

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Ever wondered about the link between emotions and your physical well-being? The growing number of sick days taken from work is alarming and can be prevented through this new report in the AIR series. Read more in Resources > Example Reports

YouTube logo Marcia Hughes interviews Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk about about her chapter in the book, "Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence." Carina's chapter is entitled "A Critical Perspective on the "Social" within Emotional Intelligence." 


A recent report option under the AIR series is focused on leadership. Read more in Resources > Example Reports


Measure your Social Intelligence with the AIR-Social, a new report option of the EQ-i.  

The Advanced Interpretation Report (AIR) is a first of its kind, offering insight into seven EQ competencies that are important in an organizational and mental health context, with specific pointers for improving performance. Read more about the AIR in our 'Resources' section.

The Group Dynamics Report (GDR), in conjunction with individual EQ-i results, identifies areas of collective strength and development, and includes a description of the underlying group dynamics at work in this group.

At a glance

Home page graphic We research the dynamics motivating employees and consumers, and provide a clear understanding of who they are and of what motivates them.

Our customer data analysis and psychometric results identify deep patterns of behaviour and performance. Within these patterns lie opportunities for corporate and individual growth.

While our statistical and psychometric expertise provides organisations and companies with useful information about their employees, we also develop detailed analyses of individual capabilities and potential, for example in the area of emotional intelligence.

We channel this knowledge back to companies and individuals to assist them with strategic planning and decision making.


Consider This

You remain intrigued by EI and enjoy the accomplishments this has brought you, but you'd also like to expand your knowledge.

There's more to the EQ-i report and to the EQ scales than what you know. Learn from the latest research findings:

  • Make the EQ-i profile come alive through scale clusters that address healthy emotional management, leadership smarts and sustainability

  • Become fluent in the dynamics of EQ competencies when working with groups through custom competency models

  • Discover hidden gems in the EQ-i report that will enrich your interpretation and feedback

The real power of the EQ-i lies in scale combinations that bring deeper insights. These are now at your fingertips as extensions of the familiar EQ-i reports – come share in this breakthrough!


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