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About the Different Reports

EQ-i Personal Development Plan

A plan that is 100% customised to individual or group strengths and development areas. Prior completion of the EQ-i assessment is required. The PDP is a strong supplement to any standard EQ-i report and to any of the AIR options (separately, or ideally in combination).

The PDP is based on the Pickle-Stifle method of development, which guides individuals to deepen their EI development through 16 action items grouped into four successive steps. These action items go beyond the development suggestions offered in some standard EQ-i reports. They are designed and analyzed to mirror the structural validity of the EQ-i, which help guarantee a high likelihood of success when applied.

Each PDP is fully customizable for the 15 single EQ attributes and the seven EQ competencies from the AIR. Consultants, counsellors and coaches may market the Pickle-Stifle PDP under their own brand. Obtain your Pickle-Stifle PDP Request Sheet template (free of charge) from ePsy Consultancy.

Group Dynamics Reports (GDR)

This report goes well beyond the conventionally offered averaging of the EQ performance of individuals in a group. When used in conjunction with individual EQ-i results, it identifies areas of collective strength and development, and includes a description of the underlying group dynamics at work in this group.

Advanced Interpretation Reports (AIR)

The strength of the following reports lies in their bundling or clustering of the BarOn EQ-i scales to highlight an individual's competence in several dimensions of top performance, leadership and healthy functioning as it compares to a particular benchmark.








Are you interested in an example BarOn EQ-i report when followed by a report from the AIR series? Download the Emma Sample resource report from MHS with the complete set of matching AIRs via this link.

Organizational Climate Inventory

The Organizational Climate Inventory gauges the current temperature in your organization. It is a snapshot in time; a barometer of how to best prepare for inclement "weather" in your organization. The inventory is administered online and is also available in French.

A number of such weather snapshots from the collective perspective of your employees will show a weather pattern that reveals the climate within your organization with a high degree of accuracy.

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Inventory for Youth (ages 7-18)

The SEI-YV provides youth, family members, educators and counsellors with a powerful tool for growth. It is based on an action model of emotional intelligence that is compared against five important barometers of life.

To certify in the SEI-YV, please visit Six Seconds.

Individual Reports

Group Reports

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