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image for health care Health care

ePsy and The Oslo Group assisted a global health-care company to increase profitable sales by identifying and distinguishing their best consumers from over 1.8 million Canadian households. The client can now attract and retain valuable consumers through an integrated process of empirical research and marketing.

Food chain

In association with an EI organisation in the UK, executive management of a large food chain in the UK wanted research on how the psychological make-up of servers was associated with the quality of service that customers received. ePsy found that servers were strongest in interpersonal relationships, happiness and flexibility on the job, while  their social responsibility, optimism and impulse control when serving others can benefit from further development.


A prominent primary school enhanced learning through deeper understanding of their students. The primary school teachers have long realized that there is more to academic and life success than depending on mere IQ, memory and repetition when learning. Standard aptitude testing and achievement evaluations were already in place. ePsy assessed, profiled and correlated the personality style, team role and emotional intelligence of the students with their SAT scores and academic achievement. Teachers could now strategically organize their students into work groups based on models that brought out complimentary team roles, harmonious personality styles and supporting emotional competence, while reckoning with the implications of what their own profiles bring to the classroom.


In conjunction with GCA Research, a leading Canadian beer company tracked the beer drinking patterns of local customers over an extended period of time. Beer brand images as well as the characteristic personal qualities of beer drinkers were associated with their favourite brands. These correlations differ across age, province, region, language, frequency of beer brand purchase, and beer type, resulting in thousands of cross-tabulations. ePsy also redesigned the format of the deliverable to make these statistics more accessible to brand managers.


image for bankingSeveral years ago, four major banks in South Africa decided to amalgamate. From the perspective of employee restructuring, the task proved to be daunting. New branch teams needed to be formed to function effectively under the integrated company name. To illustrate the scale of the challenge, in a single province, 813 employees performed on managerial level in the branches of the four banks. The new bank was equipped with a refined system to optimize the formation of highly effective teams.

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