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What fuels our business

ePsy helps businesses understand the way people – consumers, employees, prospects – act, and how best to tap into these series of actions.

We draw upon databases of any size, and mine those maintained by businesses. ePsy understands the power of data, and knows how customer records fuel, connect and unlock.

We maximize the value of your customer data to make the difference you need. This difference forms a basis for strategic business planning and decision-making, because customer expectations are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

The services that we provide, draw upon a variety of approaches, including psychology, sociology, education, philosophy, research methodology, statistics, marketing and organizational behaviour.

Performance: More than the sum of data parts

Data are pieces of information about customers’ behaviours or daily routines. By putting these together with business intelligence, we can begin to understand typical and top performances of customers.

Defining performance involves emphasizing its attributes and key benefits for customers. To do so, we must recognize that performance consists of more than a bundle of tangible, functional attributes; its intangible, emotional benefits, and how these play out together frequently serve as the basis for long-term competitive differentiation and sustained loyalty.

The goal of measuring performance, or its manifestation in leadership, productivity, or success and well-being, is to uncover its relevance for customers and to distinguish their performance from those of others. Trends and patterns can be depicted when studying the performance of groups. When these are set against an outcome measure, it becomes predictable. The power of prediction lies in the fact that:

  • Businesses expect customers to behave more or less consistently; their behaviour will likely not change soon.
  • Customers convey a distinct image of themselves through their behaviour.

Cost-effective performance development and channelling of targeted behaviour depend on knowing precisely what customers care about and tailoring the performance behaviour accordingly.

Sophisticated psychometric and analytic approaches provide precision only when coupled with conceptual clarity when defining performance.

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