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Customer portrayals

Cyclical change and turbulence in the workplace and the consumer  market is always with us. Is comprehensive research of any given customer group then still worthwhile?

While the pace of change can be ferocious, we find that useful patterns continue to emerge from customer data. These patterns are integrated into unique customer portraits.


From our perspective, workplaces and consumer markets are not chaotic. Instead, customers share characteristics that allow us to develop multi-dimensional customer portraits that are targeted to support company strategy and address market trends. ePsy specializes in building these portraits.

Consumer data access

On the consumer side, our team consists of research professionals with data access spanning a wide range of industries. These include financial services, packaged goods, automotive, media and census data.

We keep up to date with the best that the market has to offer, and are not dependent on any particular database. Recognized data sources of varying formats can be appended to build resource strength, depending on your project requirements.

Psychometric know-how

We research the assessment results of employees or job applicants on all levels, from the career starter to executive management. We rely on solid psychometric instruments such as the MBTI, EQ-i, MSCEIT, OPQ, Strong’s Interest Inventory, and many others.

We value tests that are standardized. This ensures that all customers are treated fairly, ruling out individual bias and stereotyped thinking. A psychometric test battery may cover an array of competencies and skills, focusing on either assessment, development, or both. Specifically, customers’ intelligence, ability, aptitude, interest, motivation, or personality style can be measured. Alternatively, 360o feedback can be gathered on their performance.

Customer competencies and performance are related to the requirements of their job, or corporate culture. Sifting and selection tools and interview guides are designed to help with bulk recruitment.

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