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Customer segments

We investigate the dynamics of any combination of customer segments, which may include:

The who

  • Individuals, small or large groups any sample size
  • Applicants, apprentices, assistants, graduates, interns, marginal performers, teams, top performers
  • Main purchasers of households
  • Selected or representative individuals/groups

The what

  • Biographics and demographics age, gender, household size, SES
  • Educational level formal, informal
  • Income level, investments, credit cards, expenditure on select items
  • Culture, ethnicity, minority groups
  • Life styles singles, families, cohorts
  • Internet use
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Ownership home, vehicle, electronics
  • State or nature of employment, job descriptions
  • Occupation administrative, clerical, consulting, controllers, coordinators, executives, management, officers, sales, specialists, supervisory, technical

The where

  • Geographic region national, provincial, urban/rural, EA, postal code
  • Company wide, or department specific

The when

  • Current
  • Over time

The how

  • Aptitude, ability
  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Hobbies, travel, interests, habits, motivation, attitude, personality style
  • Purchase preferences brands, product types, stores
  • 360o perspective
  • Composite segments
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