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The success of the ePsy team grows from these six points of strength.


Conceptual thinking
Theoretical anchoring

Emphasis on increased
market share
profit, revenue, ROI

Six-pointed star indicating areas of strength

Customization of relevant data sources through appending and merging tactics


Implementation assistance in
employee development
increased consumer reach
web-based learning
Psychometric rigour
Analytical diligence
High level of control and quality checking

Electronic & statistical proficiency
Timely report output technical to interpretative to dashboard style


Strategy first

image of chess moveWe believe that your company strategy should lead over technology. Together with you we define the strategy first, then search for technology that will optimize customer performance. Strategy that increases differentiation is important. If existing business processes are clear, technological fit and support follow naturally.

The golden thread

Characteristic of our rigorous methodology is that a golden thread weaves from project planning to project delivery. This coherence enlightens thinking and understanding, and leads to new insights about patterns of customer behaviour.

An effective outcome

We work hard at developing customer cohort specifications that provide new insights for companies to incorporate in their marketing, sales and employee development strategies. For example:

  • Internally, ensuring that a good combination of talent and employee collaboration exists, will drive productivity.
  • Externally, an appropriately targeted consumer segment (likely to purchase multiple rather than single products), will support up-sell and cross-sell initiatives and drive revenue.

Return on investment

image of coin stackFrom the standpoint of ROI, if business knowledge cannot be expressed in numbers, it is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind. For us, ROI is more than an afterthought.  

We invest in a customer database, and ask the important questions up front, as part of the overall strategy. We work with you to plan measurement in advance, and design the database to support the desired outcome. All roads lead to the managed database, starting with the intelligence that usually sits on the client server.

A neutral stance

Our seasoned consultants have no political or vested interest in one tool over another, no foregone conclusion or solution. Companies appreciate this impartiality. We view every consulting situation as different.

This is an attractive part of the job for us, because we thrive on challenge and enjoy putting our strong lateral thinking abilities to work. Building confidence is a vital part of our job, for which we draw on our strong people skills.

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