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Core expertise

ePsy offers exemplary research design with innovative methodologies. In addition, we offer broad statistical and psychometric expertise and marketing insight.

Psychometric assessment and feedback

Businesses sometimes ask why we need assessment. McKinsey dedicated their first Quarterly Survey in 2004 to developing a worldwide barometer of executive sentiment on economic and business trends. They polled 7,300 senior executives from large and small companies across a wide range of industries and regions.

Forty percent of the respondents came from North America; 33 percent from Europe; 16 percent from developing markets, including China and India; and 11 percent from the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Twelve percent of the respondents were chief executives.

In most regions, the economy tops more executive agendas than any other single concern for the next 12 months. However, a found exception is that executives in emerging markets are focused on the search for talent. Beyond the economy, the concerns of executives from big companies (annual revenues of $1 billion or more) and smaller ones (revenues less than $1 billion) diverge in significant ways:

  • A: Overall economic climate

  • B: Sustainability of consumer spending

  • C: Hiring and retaining talent

  • D: Access to capital

Psychometric assessment endorses fair, reliable and valid customer practices, whether the focus is on recruitment and selection, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), development, Customer Loyalty Management (CLM), appraisal and reward incentives, or business forecasting.

Test development

A major criterion in selecting tests is that they must be theoretically and statistically founded and be standardised to reflect objectivity. We actively contribute to this standard through our involvement in test development.

If desired, we build relevant norm sets that may be culture, age, gender or company specific to ensure that individual customer test results are compared with a fair group. We research the appropriateness of measures as they are applied in your setting by looking at consistency and accuracy of customer competencies against their performance.

Statistical analysis

We build customer portraits using a variety of techniques. These include:

  • Customer and best-customer profiling
  • Segmentation/cluster analysis and sub-setting
  • Customer targeting and cross-segmenting
  • Satisfaction, loyalty and performance modeling and forecasting
  • Reliability and validity analysis
  • Relational model building
  • Employee-consumer mapping

Questionnaire design

We custom-design questionnaires or interview structures when the project objectives call for it. Proficiency in psychology and statistics sensitized us to the importance of response rate, questionnaire length, question placement, choice of response set, customer confidentiality and anonymity, and much more.

We cross-reference the final questionnaire with the project aims and the requirements of statistical techniques planned in analysis. We assist in the scientific process of questionnaire translation.

Survey application

We can apply customer knowledge via surveys to perform the following:

  • Concept testing
  • Business data auditing
  • Product or test diagnostics
  • Brand equity and performance
  • In-house e-learning, e.g., of products, brands, or multiple brands
  • Up- and cross-selling
  • Volume/frequency forecasting
  • Pricing and revenue analysis
  • Trial and repeat-purchase rate forecasting
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